Travelling for business presents exciting opportunities to experience new destinations.  While the idea of travel may seem glamorous, there are some tricks that seasoned travellers have learned to make their adventure more comfortable.  Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Participate in Trusted Traveller Programs: Zip past those daunting customs and security lines within North America by enrolling in programs such as Nexus and Global Entry.  Once the application and interview process are finalized, you will have shorter line ups and processing times at most North American gateways.  Input the number into all your profiles with the airlines and share the details with your corporate travel planners.

2. Join Travel Reward Programs: Take advantage of corporate travel by participating in airline, hotel and car rental points programs.  Watch the point build up and experience free travel!

3. Use Packing Cubes: Reduce space needed in your case by using packing organizers.  Find items easier, save space, keep clothes fresh and clean – the benefits are endless! Soon, you will wonder what you did without them.

4. Use Only Carry on Luggage: Nothing is worse than waiting for your luggage at the carousel; or worse, not find it at the carousel at all.  Save time and get to your hotel faster by breezing past the carousel when you reach your destination!

5. Invest in Quality Luggage and Accessories: A suitcase that is easy to pack and carry will pay you back over and over.  Ensure your case meets the requirements of the airlines to reduce stress in fitting your case in the aircraft overhead bins.  When you must check luggage, a good quality working luggage scale can save you additional weight fees or the hassle of taking items out of your bag at the check in counter.

6. Keep Your Luggage Smelling Fresh: Time will eventually take its toll on a well-loved case or piece of luggage.  Try placing dryer sheets or sneaker balls into your luggage to keep it fresh!


7. Resetting the Clock: Help to reduce the effects of jet lag when reaching your destination by reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume in flight.  Increase the amount of water to stay hydrated and consider travelling with other natural items such as ginger & cantaloupe – these will help you reset your internal clock.   Don’t forget your skin and enjoy a hydrating face mask to help reduce the puffiness as a result of flying!


8. Charge All Electronics at Home: Make and effort to ensure all of your devices are fully charged before take off. Don’t like the movie selections on board?  You can download your favourite programs from media like Netflix and enjoy them anytime – even in the air!  Keep your cords and chargers organized by keeping them in a separate pouch that is easy to find. Bonus tip: purchase a portable charger for long-haul flights!

These are just a few items you can do to make being a road warrior just a little bit easier.  Bon Voyage!

– Michelle Clarke, Director of Events