Creative thinkers don’t just happen, they are nurtured. Everyone in our organization is a creative thinker and has something of unique value to add to the success of the business. In turn, creative thinking enhances the positive experience of both clients and team members alike. It is key that our company be a team of fearless, productive, insightful brand ambassadors; it is important for every member to be at their creative peak!
Here are some of our favourite ways to create space and opportunity for creative thinking to germinate:

Allow flexible work schedules
Studies have consistently shown that flexible schedules lead to higher rates of overall productivity and higher job satisfaction, a finding which by itself should encourage companies to adopt such a flex-time policy; but, even better, it leads to enhanced creativity.

Encourage and facilitate a team mentality
Often the best new ideas don’t just “happen”, they are an evolution of an idea or ideas. In our experience, creativity and innovation is really a team sport. At Aevias we consider our team to be the people who work here, our client partners, our suppliers and our industry friends! We have been fortunate to enjoy meaningful idea-building relationships with all of our influencers! Share your ideas big or small, don’t worry about not having a fully developed idea…just share and see where it takes you!

Leave space!
This goes for both physical space and time in your schedule. Ensure your office has designated meeting spots for social congregation. Encourage group chats. Ensure that work schedules are not always filled to 100% – inspiration comes from that sweet space when your mind has time to think! Encourage laughter and silliness – lots of great ideas come from a place of joy.

Socialize internally
“Aevia-tors” as we affectionately call ourselves, like to play and we also happen to have a bit of a competitive streak too. Each month we host a Chocolate Social with our peers. Each person brings something that is chocolate – it can be a sweet, a savoury snack, a beverage, a cocktail; and we taste then vote! It’s amazing how differently each person interprets the spirit of the game and it is even cooler to see the innovative and original ways that we can use and showcase such a well known and loved ingredient. This is a perfect example of jump-starting the creative process through novel non-work projects. More recently, we have introduced a month-long fitness challenge too!

Seek inspiration outside of your industry – be curious!
Some of the most creative solutions come from adapting ideas from one industry to another. Consider subscribing to blogs, e-zines from other fields, encourage team members to follow lots of other innovators through their social channels, listen to podcasts, the resources are endless!

Promote experimentation and support failure
In order to encourage creativity, we can inspire discussion of team aspirations, and let their team work towards those co-created goals. Experiments never fail. Even when an attempt fails, with the right mindset, teams learn priceless lessons to succeed in the future. Companies can unknowingly weaken their team’s creativity by focusing too early on implementation. The fastest way to kill the creative process is by requiring your team to produce tactical solutions in tandem with creative ideas. This not only stifles the creative flow but also shifts the work environment into a “produce while editing” mindset, which results in a diminished individual contribution.

– Missy Preston, Vice President