Meet Event Coordinator, Jacynta Michell

Jacynta brings a fresh perspective to the team through her solid academic background in event management and social media marketing and evaluation. Continue reading for a short interview with our Event Coordinator: 

Your top tip for managing registration?: Make changes and updates as they come in. This may seem time consuming at first, but I have found this is the best way to avoid any chance of missing a detail/misunderstanding an attendee’s needs. Remember these are the minute details that really do matter – managing a registrant’s file correctly or incorrectly can really impact and shape their experience at your event.

What drew you to Aevias originally? And how has Aevias changed since? I loved the idea of a career where I can incorporate two things I love – planning events, and travelling. I also appreciate the fact that Aevias is a smaller company that values it’s employees and feels more like a family. Wow, Aevias has changed since I joined only two and a half years ago! I joined the team of 3, which is now a team of 9, and only growing!

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? I really enjoy working in new destinations and working with new venues that we aren’t familiar with. It keeps us on our toes and provides a learning experience every single time. I also love that my job brings me to cities I have never been to!

What are your hopes for the event planning industry?: Of course as everyone hopes for, a more sustainable industry – it is great to witness the changes that are already taking place. However, one area in particular that I hope to see further improvements in is offering heavier plant-based menus. Events are a major consumer of mass produced food, and events can largely contribute to change. It is a tough pill to swallow, but animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to green-house gas emissions and climate change. Worried of how attendees will react to this at an event? Start by offering fewer cow-based products – this is one of the worst culprits.

After joining the team two years ago, Jacynta has created a niche of her own through her insatiable quest for knowledge and desire to infuse events with unique, experiential elements. Her regular analysis of trends, style and social media helps her colleagues and clients to continuously innovate. Jacynta’s work style is energy-infused, effortless, socially conscious and precise.