The COVID-19 outbreak has touched the lives and businesses of our clients, colleagues and families around the globe. Our industry, like most others, has been heavily impacted but we remain most mindful of those whose health has been affected. We are banding together with our communities and neighbours to do our part as good citizens of this planet to ensure we take this very seriously.

We have a strong Business Continuity Plan in place to ensure we continue to successfully deliver our services to our clients, maintain the safety and security of our team members and protect the financial health of the business. We are working closely with all our clients whose meetings, trips and events are affected. We are leveraging years of industry relationships and partnership to negotiate the best postponement and cancellation terms possible.

Emergency Preparedness Team: We have established a leadership team to oversee and respond to emergency situations as they arise. Each member of the leadership team has a specific area of responsibility and the team meets regularly to monitor and develop response strategies. We have established protocols for those responses. Aevias has clear risk mitigation protocols in place and they continue to evolve based on relevant new information on emerging situations.

Travel: Our current position is for our team to not travel outside of Canada and this position will be updated regularly. We use Zoom, Skype, email, telephone to support meeting and continuing our business.

Work environment: As recommended by the GOC, we have implemented a remote work policy. Every team member has all the equipment and tools to successfully perform their jobs from any remote location. We do have contingency plans in place should there be a suspected or confirmed case in our team.

IT: We have ensured that our systems and the security of our own and your data is protected both physically and digitally.

Monitoring: We continue to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 situation, and we will re-assess and adapt accordingly to ensure the safety of all our people, clients and their guests.

At the core of the Aevias heart, we believe in the power of human connection and bringing people together. In the coming days we will be sharing with you some of our favourite tips on how to keep connecting and communicating with your peers, clients and loved-ones.

Stay healthy, be safe and we look forward to being there for you when this is all over.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.