As intermediates between participants and suppliers, Aevias is in a position to influence client choices, supplier practices and destination development. Through our unique position, we can make an important contribution to the protection of the environment and culture, and in promoting social and human rights practices.

Aevias’ readiness to work on sustainability scores better on customer satisfaction, staff motivation and business efficiency, with positive effects for our competitive advantage.

Sustainability management is all about consistent business practices. This includes our products, how we monitor and manage our company impacts, and how we support our suppliers on their road to sustainability.

The key operating areas where Aevias integrates sustainability practices are:

Energy and resource saving office procedures.

Employer supported use of public transit.

Product development, by integrating sustainability principles in the selection process of suppliers (e.g. accommodation, transport companies, excursions).

Working with suppliers, by supporting and motivating existing partners towards sustainability with for example training, information and incentives.

Customer relations, by creating awareness and responsible choices through information and codes of conduct.

Destinations, by supporting destination stakeholders’ efforts to address sustainability issues, and financially contributing to conservation and development projects.

Using Green Meetings planning techniques on every event.

Health and Safety

Aevias is an unique and rewarding place to work but the health and safety of each member of our team is our priority. We promote a dynamic work environment that is safe and focuses on health and wellness. We have a number of programs and tools in place to support and empower each team member to look after the occupational, physical, mental and social health and wellness of themselves and each other.

Giving Back

Over the course of the year, we collect and donate care packages to various organizations that serve the needs of people in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. We also collect gently used and new work clothing for women and donate it to Dress for Success.

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