"...has been a true and strong partner of Volkswagen Canada since 2011. They are an extension of our business in planning both Dealer and Corporate events. The attention to every detail they bring to each event in all planning stages is second-to-none. They always offer a comprehensive set of viable options and choices. The team members are extremely responsive to any and all spontaneous things that arise. It’s truly a pleasure to work with Missy, and her diligent... fun team!"

Lauren BlissExecutive Assistant of the President & CEO / Managing Director, VOLKSWAGEN GROUP CANADA INC.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with ... – a team full of rich talents – over the last five years. They are a trusted, reliable and supportive partner that go above and beyond the call of duty. Our dealer network as well as our corporate team greatly appreciates their dedication and creative approach. ... genuine interest in achieving our goals and building a strong rapport is exceptional. Their work has made a significant difference to our business – they never fail to deliver."

Chloé MoussaedAudi Canada

"...is a great partner for both our dealer and corporate events. They pay close attention to every detail, especially in the planning of the event and always offer a comprehensive set of viable options to choose from. At the event, they are extremely responsive to any and all spontaneous things that arise. It’s truly a pleasure to work with the ... team!"

Gregory SpringerAudi Canada

Our Clients

Eight Ways to Plan for Success

At Aevias, we’ve planned and executed hundreds of memorable events.
Based on our experience and expertise, we’ve identified eight critical ways to plan for success:

1. Be clear on why you are having the event and what are your desired outcomes

This can mean a lot of different things depending on your level of experience or what type of event you are hosting but it is really critical to your event success. How do you know what you want when you don’t know what you want people to take away from it? Do you want your attendees to feel rewarded, educated, appreciated, moved, excited, the list goes on… Spend some time at the beginning of your planning cycle to ensure you have clarity on this critical question and your event will surely meet its objectives!

2. Stay on brand

Study the company’s brand guidelines to ensure that proposals and event concepts are aligned with the brand!

3. Incorporate the unexpected

Surprising guests with (planned) unexpected events is a risky move that has a big payoff. Whether it’s a personalized memento per guest or a pop up barbershop and nail salon during registration, unexpected elements are always remembered if done correctly.

4. Be adaptable

Regardless of the amount of planning done, things always change throughout the planning process and onsite. A successful planner needs to roll with what is thrown at them and then adjust accordingly.

5. Provide as much information as you can in the RFP process

This is vital to ensure that we can provide the most comprehensive proposal to you. Dates, preferred hotels (if applicable), number of attendees, number of nights, catering requirements, type of event (incentive, meeting, conference, retreat, etc.) along with any activities and transportation requirements ensures that we are asking our suppliers the right questions and in turn providing you the client with pertinent information.

6. Is there a theme for your event?

Providing your event manager with a theme such as Diversity, Wellness, Experiential Design or Embracing Digital Age determines that they are providing the right venue, catering, entertainment and esthetic options for your event.

7. Does your event have a budget?

Over the years, clients have generally disliked divulging their budget in the fear that event companies will try and ‘gouge’ them and spend it all. However a great event company will work with you, the client by providing options of what is achievable for your estimated budget.

8. Experiment with event design

Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit.  Mixing up the seating patterns by adding highboys at the rear of a general session room creates a different look and feel of the room from regular theatre style seating and a place for those attendees who prefer to stand. Try elevating the senses by using herbs or citrus fruits in meeting rooms.  Play with lighting which has become so much easier with the introduction of LED lights. For example, orange lighting boosts overall mood whereas blue light sparks creativity. If needed, think outside the box in terms of how you use venue space, i.e. building a black box plenary theatre within an exhibit hall or perhaps turning a hotel underground parkade into a theme set for a “Hollywood blockbuster movie”!

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