At Aevias, our team lives by a few long-standing principles that we have learnt over the years. Most important is to enjoy life, enjoy food and enjoy the people you are with.  We keep that in mind when planning each event.

Of course, structure is always necessary through a series of strategies and tactics, when planning and executing a successful event.

Here are some tips and tricks that we have come up with over the years:

  • Begin planning as early as possible. Even if the client is yet to engage; be proactive with new and creative ideas, entertainment, and cutting-edge tech enhancements that you will have in your back pocket.
  • Delegate where possible. Different perspectives are invaluable. That is why our team at Aevias consists of a group of perfectly balanced event planners, with knowledge and experience in all areas.
  • Hire a photographer. What better way to have record of an event? We never regret bringing in a photographer, and neither do our clients!
  • Be flexible, open to changes, and new ways of doing things. The event industry’s macro-environment is ever changing. If you don’t embrace change, change will not wait for you.
  • There are always several ways to solve an obstacle. If you are stuck, ask for help – someone else can offer a different perspective.

Curious to learn more tips and tricks that can be applied to your event? Have a chat with the team at Aevias – we are happy to help.