Meet Vice President, Missy Preston

Meet Aevias’ Vice President, Missy Preston. Missy has been in the event industry for over 25 years, starting her career in Ottawa leading private and public sector teams to success. Read on for a short interview with our Vice President:

Three words to describe Aevias?: Impactful. Partnership. Accountable.

What does true leadership mean to you?: To me, great leadership comes from that place in your heart where you desire to be of service to the team.

Favorite restaurant in Montreal?: Toqué…progressive, delicious and very sensory! Beautiful food tells a story and it took me on a journey that I will never forget. That is not to say that simpler foods are not as profound… My other favourite Montreal haunt is St-Viateur Bagels. We raised our children on this treat and you can only get the real thing in Montréal.  Worth every minute of the 2 hour drive from my home city of Ottawa!

Missy is known for creating authentic partnerships and trusting relationships with her clients and industry peers. Missy is dedicated to getting to know every client’s organization to ensure core understanding.

She continuously develops her knowledge of client industry drivers and offers tactical support to help them create relevant event solutions that meet desired business objectives. She has a warm, easy, confident, hands-on leadership and planning style.